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We are a community based on the Show Cousins for life, if you EDIT a page, then please look at the rules first
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Welcome To the Cousin's For Life Wiki!

This wiki was founded by Awesome haig. he is the founder of multiple other wikis (all of them are smaller than this one) and has also made edits to many other wikis that are bigger than this one. We have had 566 Changes to the pages of this Wiki Since September 2019, today is 06/3/2020. and currently there are 2 users who have made a change in the last few days.

Expanding the wiki

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Making a Change
On this wiki, almost any page can be edited, you can select from 53 pages to edit, dont see a page related to cousins for life you were looking for? well than you can make your own page! just type the name of the page of the box below .
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Featured Character

Our featured character is clark!

clark is the 2nd most powerful being in existence and has a son named stuart, he lives with his brother lewis and his nephews ivy and leaf. He usually does not take thing to seriously, and tries to cheer up his family while helpin...
Sneak Peek of Nick’s Brand New Comedy ‘Cousins for Life’ - Nick

Sneak Peek of Nick’s Brand New Comedy ‘Cousins for Life’ - Nick

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